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65 Years

What an absolute honour it was to be asked if I did Wedding Anniversary Photography and more so to capture a special couple celebrating 65 Years. Meet Mr Arthur & Mrs Lil Stafford who had just received Best Wishes from HRH Queen Elizabeth II.

Husband smiling and looking sideways Wife smiling and looking to husband

As a wedding photographer based in the North West, I consider myself very fortunate because I get to photograph so many couples and share the biggest day of their lives. The excitement, romance, love and affection I witness each wedding day is truly amazing and nothing can compare…. or so I thought until I met Arthur and Lil.

Wife laughing and looking sideways with husband smiling at camera

When I was asked if I did Wedding Anniversary Photography, I immediately thought it would be a golden or perhaps a ruby celebration with a big party, lots of people, balloons etc. Their son Paul said its 65 Years and that they were having a private, low key family meal. He simply wanted me to capture his mum and dad in the comfort of their own home, where they spend their days and where they have lived for decades.  The photos would be something the whole family would be able to keep and treasure forever. To me, this was intimate and very personal and I immediately said yes.

I arrived a few days after the wedding anniversary. I was greeted by two big smiles, two hugs and was made to feel welcome straightaway. No sooner as I sat, offered my congratulations and introduced myself, all became clear. This was a very special couple indeed, with love, romance and affection spanning nearly 7 decades – truly admirable and a real inspiration.

Husband and wife looking directly to camera and both smiling

Arthur and Lil met after World War II in 1948 and during their summer holidays hop picking in a field. Their romance blossomed quickly, they enjoyed a wonderful courtship and they married 3 years later. They went on to have three sons and one daughter and they are now very proud grandparents of eight grandchildren and four great grandchildren whom they love and adore dearly.

We talked about their marriage which they explained hadn’t been without its ups and downs. With lots of patience, compromise, love and companionship, 65 years on, they are clearly inseparable, very happy and still live a wonderful life together.

Couple holding hands in black and whiteHusband and wife kissing in black and white

To reach this magnificent milestone of 65 years of marriage and also to receive best wishes from HRH Queen Elizabeth II is inspirational. I sincerely hope one day I get to relive the time I spent with Arthur and Lil – to kiss, smile and hold hands with my wonderful husband and read our 65th Wedding Anniversary card from our monarch. It was a true honour to meet Arthur and Lil for their Wedding Anniversary Photography of 65 Years. Thank you and Congratulations to them both.

Wedding Anniversary rose off centre of image with green background Inside Wedding Anniversary card from Queen wishing best wishes and signedHusband resting head on wifes head looking at card from queen image taken from behind and aboveHusband hand on wifes shoulder in close upHusband with arm around wife and wife holding closedWedding Anniversary card from queenWedding Anniversary wife's hand on husbands with wedding rings in imageHusband kissing wife on cheek holding face

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