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Recently I was commissioned by Food Blogger, Gastrorian  to produce a series of food photography images to support an article she was writing for a national online magazine www.womenfitness.net.  The subject matter was Tequila!

The brief was to produce a selection of images using Tequila bottles, lime, salt and shot glasses.  What a great project to work on but there was a serious side as the advertising of brands was not permitted.  It was imperative to photograph the Tequila bottles in such a way as to obscure the label which I achieved by using various manual camera settings.  Not really a hard task so it was straight into the kitchen……camera, action……

Tequilla Shot Glasses

Tequilla Shot Glasses

In styling these images, my client wanted me to reflect the content of the article in the finished images,  so it was important I read the article as research and part of my preparation.  The piece basically dispels the myth that Tequila is good for you, when in fact it is the Blue Agave that Tequila is made from that produces the health benefits and not the Tequila itself!

I decided to express this by choosing a dark background, using blues and cool woods for my base material in order to emphasise the bleaker side of Tequila and the health issues around over indulging in alcohol.  The limes, salt and shot glasses also reflected the slightly tardy image of Tequila being used in drinking games in UK bars.

It was a fun, interesting project to work on and as always, a big thank you to my client, Gastorian, for trusting me to capture the ‘spirit’ of her blog.

Tequilla Shot Glasses

Tequilla Bottle

Lime Salt and Tequilla in Shot Glass

A joy to read the www.womenfitness.net blog and see my images credited and published online.


Thank you again Gastrorian and www.womenfitness.net xx

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