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So anyone who knows anything about me, will know that I love many things in this world, but travel and photography are possibly two of my favourite, so what better way than enjoy them both than combining them.  Below are some shots from my travels that I submitted recently to National Geographic for a Travel Photography competition.  I’d love to know what you think.


Taking a Moment

Two children were running and jumping off the boat in the mid afternoon heat and as I was walking past, I took this image as the one boy sat down to what I thought was him ‘taking a moment’ of rest. As I walked on, he was clearly shy as I turned back to see he had continued his play. It made me smile.

Boy taking a minute's rest on a boat inBan Laem Pho, Krabi, Thailand


Floating Candles

Friends sitting chatting on the banks of the Thu Bon River in the Ancient Town of Hoi An,Hoi An, Vietnam were selling floating candles to passing tourists. As one of the many people passing by, I simply crouched down as I saw them taking their minds off their next sale for just one moment.

To boys sat in traditional clothes by floating candles in Hoi An, Quang Nam, Vietnam


Jumping In

Who doesn’t enjoy the simple pleasures in life.  I took this photograph of a playful and confident child enjoying cooling off from the heat on a remote beach near Railay, Krabi. I was walking past just as he was about to make his run for it. He looked back at me for a very brief moment, was I ready, he smiled at me then ran and jumped in!

Boy jumping from a boat inBan Laem Pho, Krabi, Thailand


Making Rice Paper

A grandmother going about her daily work of making rice paper in a tiny workshop on the banks of the Mekong River, Vietnam.  A peaceful moment allowing the rice paper mixture to heat and capturing the moment where she gently moves the steam to check if it is cooked.

An Vietnamese lady making rice paper


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