Pretty Prom

As a North West, Manchester and Cheshire Lifestyle and Wedding Photographer used to photographing families, brides and grooms at home and in gorgeous surroundings, when I was asked to capture two teenagers getting ready for their School Prom, I accepted with excitement.

Just as any girl dreams and waits for her perfect ‘Wedding Day’ to arrive, nowadays, ‘Prom Day’ comes first! After years and years of watching older students planning and living their dream ‘Prom Day’, when after months and months of preparation finally arrives and your day is here, capturing those special moments just feels so right.

Two beautiful teenagers both transforming into stunning, gorgeous ladies but each with different circumstances meaning the day was incredibly memorable and special for very different reasons.



For Katie, bringing her two families together and seeing them so proud of her as a very special daughter, granddaughter, devoted sister not leaving her side and niece.

Shows & handbag on a bed young girl applying makeup Family laughing Girl in Prom Dress stood in front of a fence woman kissing the head of a girl Girl in prom dress hugging her dad Girl in Prom Dress holding hand of little sister Girl in Prom Dress walking with little sister Two gils laughing in the back of a car Girl looking through window of car Girl in Prom Dress Girl in Prom Dress



And for Chloe, a brave young girl whose mother never got to share her dream day but a very proud father whose daughter transformed into a princess and grandparents thinking how proud their daughter would be if only she’d have been there.

photograph of lady whose passed away next to daughters prom dress Chloe_Blog-1 Girl getting ready for her school prom looking in the mirror Chloe_Blog-3 Girl in Prom Dress Girl in lilac Prom Dress girl hugging her dad before going to prom Man kissing the head of a girl going to her prom Girl in prom dress with grandparents

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