Glitz and glamour 40th Birthday Party

It was a sunny October afternoon and the long awaited 40th birthday celebrations finally arrived for Zoe. As her Manchester Photographer and friend, there was no shortage of ‘glitz and glamour’ to capture as guests started arriving at 3pm on the red carpet for the champagne reception.

Portrait of a couple in black & white dressed in evening wear woman dressed in black arriving at a party laughing couple stood on red carpet posing for photograph couple walking down the red carpet to a birthday party 2 women arriving to a party walking down the red carpet 2 men arriving to a party walking down the red carpet couple posing for photographs before entering party man arriving at a party carrying a crate man and woman wearing evening wear arriving at a party

With a stunning cake from ‘Jellytots and Dollymixtures‘, flowers, balloons and confetti, the marquee was dressed to impress.


metal arrow with light bulbs in rows of champagne glasses pink 40th birthday cake 40th birthday balloon red rose in vase

It was from there, a 4pm prompt start of the afternoons entertainment by Jonny Spangles from Manchester’s Unit One Entertainment. Guests were ready to go, fuelled by flowing drinks and Jonny’s hilariously witty humour! There was certainly no place for shyness, it really was wall to wall laughter and I’m sure Jonny will remember his ‘Wigan’ moment for a while, we certainly will!

‘Team Laura’ was teased out of 1st place, oh they so thought they’d won but it was ‘Team Pete’ that took the ‘Edge’s’ trophy. It was high volume cheers, even more laughter and it was only 6pm…..ouch, those poor neighbours were in for a very long and loud night ahead…..oh but if you can’t beat them, join them as they say!

man holding microphone laughing gentleman speaking into microphone woman laughing at a party people cheering people parting people cheering at a 40th birthday people partying man excited and gaspingman with beard and tweed jacket clapping and smiling

It was from here that Jose Camba Bermudez, the ‘Paella Fella‘ took over and cooked up his famous Spanish creations to fuel Zoe’s glamorous party goers. It was drinking and dancing the rest of the night away to funky tunes until the early hours of the following morning. Happy hangovers ahead.

Big Dish of paella cooking

A glitz and glamours 40th birthday party, many happy smiley faces with fabulous fun friends. A joy to capture as Manchester photographer and friend.

With lots of love Zoe and a very happy 40th birthday to remember.
Ruth x

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