Cafe Cocktail Bars in Trendy ‘Notting-Hoole’, Chester

As a Manchester and Cheshire based Photographer, it was a privilege to be asked to go further afield and venture over to Chester for Parkdale Communciations, a PR Agency representing Natural Stone Veneer Ltd. An exciting Commercial Photography assignment of two boutique cafe bars, both recently fully refurbished by Cheshire based Brereton Pinnington Design in the beautiful village of Hoole, Chester.


The Suburbs, Hoole, Chester

First up, The Suburbs, a quirky cocktail bar with a rustic feel and lots of interesting objects to feast my eyes and delight my camera. The stone veneer was the brief and focus and as beautiful as it was, hopefully the photos speak for themselves.

The Suburb Bar signage Photograph of The Suburb Bar with 2 vintage stools The Suburb Bar The Bar, in the Suburb Bar, Hoole, Chester Photograph of the bar seating area in The Suburb Bar


The Hollows, Hoole, Chester

Just next door, I walked through to photograph The Hollows, an Oyster Bar and restaurant with the wow factor! Gorgeous, stylish and catchy features which oozed the boutique feel. It was photography heaven – stunning surroundings, attention to detail and unique design features with the Natural Stone Veneer bar and Oyster bowl really taking centre stage.

photograph of stone carved oyster bowl Photograph of the bar in The Hollows, Chester Photograph of the bar in The Hollows, Chester Stools in The Hollows, Chester Commercial Photography Oyster Bar, The Hollows, Chester Photograph of stone bar

With a Professional Trade Press briefing, also being made to feel so welcome by the bar staff at both The Suburbs and The Hollows, it really did make the photoshoot relaxed, fun and enjoyable. Those that know me well though will also realise, whilst its usual to have my camera with me and visiting plenty of cocktail bars in my time, it was most unusual for me to be without cocktail or Gin and Tonic in hand. Duty called though.

Seeing the images now published in the online magazine (pages 42-45) and receiving positive feedback from both Parkdale Communications and Natural Stone Veneer Ltd is the real pleasure and I really do look forward to returning to The Suburbs and The Hollows for that cocktail or Gin and Tonic – probably both and very soon.

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