As a child, I have very fond memories of visiting Blackpool. It was a big treat to stay in a hotel just south of the Central Pier instead of a caravan where I spent all of my holidays as I was growing up.

It was during the 1980’s, we visited for the illuminations several years running and my sister and I were just about old enough to head out alone. We used to head straight to the arcades for the new grab machines which was the very latest craze and we always returned to the hotel with pockets full of soft toys that we’d won.

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I always thought I was going to fall through the gaps in the wooden flooring on the piers, a childhood fear I guess, so it was the Pleasure Beach which was the big attraction for me. There was no such thing as ‘The Big One’ back then but the Revolution was brand new and it was all about the Grand National and The Mouse.

Being the first to spot Blackpool Tower as we approached the area was the car entertainment. As a child, the Tower was overwhelming and very exciting but I remember the lift was exposed and the driving wind and rain at the top was extreme. No sooner were we at the top, we wanted to get back down. The Tower moved with the wind and any views were completely obscured by low cloud base.

The sea, as I recall, looked dirty and brown. I remember lots of rubbish on the beach aswell as groups of donkeys but that seemed normal at the time as did the old Trams which looked very dilapidated. Everything seemed old and run down but in a lovable kind of way.

I’ve visited Blackpool on a number of occasions since my childhood but never have I appreciated the beauty that I witnessed in July 2015. A stunning Victorian seaside town that captivates the imagination, showcases its attractions with world class confidence and the elegance that remains with things that have been left alone to weather over many years and generations…..for me, and hopefully you’ll agree with these stunning photographs, it really is Beautiful Blackpool.

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